3 Benefits of Meratrim, the New Diet Pill

Meratrim is a specially designed formula that stimulates weight loss. It is a breakthrough blend that makes use of several special ingredients to help slim the body down to an ideal weight and shape. InterHealth trademarked this concoction which features the flower Garcinia mangostana, the herb Sphaeranthus indicus as well as several other blended herbs from flowers of East Indian globe thistle and purple mangosteen rind.

It exploded in popularity lately as the famed physician and television personality, Dr. Oz featured it on one of his television shows. The episode was themed “Triple Your Fat Loss”. He praised the formula for its effectiveness, quality and affordability, causing merchants to request the product in bulk. His comments carry a lot of weight as he is such a respected physician and health aficionado. On the show, Dr. Oz unveiled a three step plan to reduce fat and the number one step was to take Meratrim. Dr. Oz asked 30 of his audience members to take it for two weeks before the show’s taping. The results were spectacular. Each participant lost an average of three pounds, including a miraculous three inches from their waists. The product does indeed work and it works very well.

InterHealth’s medical experts researched over 100 medicinal herbs and settled on Garcinia mangostana and Sphaeranthus indicus as the most effective for weight reduction. These ingredients combined with a complex herbal blend prevent our bodies from maintaining fat cells and will actually stimulate the burning of fat. Studies have shown that it causes a decrease in weight, especially around the hip and waist problem areas. These are the sections of the body where that evil visceral fat accumulates. Studies have also shown that those using the product will also have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels than placebo groups.

The special weight loss formula is best used half an hour before the first and last meals of the day. Recommended dosage is 400 mg. Unlike its competitors, it actually causes a jump in adiponectin activity, a hormone that causes fats to metabolize. Meratrim’s competitors utilize a series of generic ingredients that have not been branded. Meratrim retails for around $40 at several commercial outlets including GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, Whole Foods and trymeratrim.com.